Welcome To Tellawi kinze

Welcome To Tellawi kinze

Our company was found in Amman in the year of
1993. KINZE prides in delivering world class
designs with the synergy of stable manufacturers
and with customer solutions in mind. That while
we are the one of the top metal fabrication
company in Amman – Jordan.

The factory built area is more than 5000 m2 with
providing a modern production lines and devel-
oped machines to achieve best quality to our
client, with rapidly improvement KINZE
strive to provide the service harnessing staff with
long experience.
KINZE believe that our understanding
and appreciation of customer requirements is the
secret of our success as we seek to provide better
service to our valued customers which is founded in
gulf area and East Africa.

-General Manager


Jebel Ali Engineering Industries is one of the leading companies in the unique engineering industries, which are
It took it upon itself to contribute to limiting the spread of the emerging corona virus, as it manufactured sterilization gates.
It is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East, in terms of design and durability, knowing that the company took into account international specifications
And the health of these gates

Specifications of sterilization gates:

  • The body of the gate is made of metal treated against rust and coated with a layer of Alkbond.
  • Pumps used with European features.
  • The motion sensor device is quick to respond and works from the beginning of the entry to the exit from the gate.
  • Sterilization tank with a capacity of 70 liters and is built into the gate

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